Final event of Open Studio: Vlad Brăteanu4.7.2020. 19h / 7ica artist statementFor this open studio, I am proposing several works // interventions // collaborations that centre around communication, interaction and urban acupuncture in public spaces. Scrutinising societal and geographical issues in neoliberalism, supermarkets as a place of exchange, consumption, labour and gathering, have been my […] Više
Through the glass ceiling, you can see the sky filled with clouds. Simultaneously, the ceiling is both an impassable barrier and a fragile, yet sturdy, protection from the elements. This ceiling is the metaphor for a woman which is, at first glance, in 21st-century society, completely free; however, her true freedom is unreachable due to […] Više
Rotoprojektor is a research dealing with transformation of a film projection into physical space, using mechanical means and physiological phenomena of afterimage and persistence of vision. In a way, it is an attempt to transform the planar space of movie screen into an endless cylinder of Grimoin-Sanson’s Cinéorama by mechanical rotation. During the open studio, […] Više
This research deals with the weird intersections of rare metals and all our lives in these entangled times of ubiquitous networked media. It concerns the hegemonic neocolonial relations of contemporary neoliberal globalization (that is, today’s corporate practices of so-called development and sustainability), through extraction of geological materials that are mined from the earth and re-worked into machines that define our technical media culture. Such sites where material turns gradually closer to media are scattered across the globe; however, I am researching only one such supply chain, and its real conditions; that of Tantalum. My focus is in Rwanda, as well as Macedonia, and the space in between. Više