Organ Vida Off year program is dedicated to examining expanded cinema, or exploring the exhibition potential of moving images in the gallery context. The invited artists — Anni Puolakka, Tarren Johnson and Joel Cocks — start from their existing audiovisual works and expand them into gallery spaces through interaction with other media such as text, performance, and installation. Više
Marlen Ban, autorica rada NO MORE I’M SORRY, bavi se problematikom romantičnih odnosa. Propituje kako društvo utječe na romantične veze, traženje partnera, kakva se očekivanja nameću tijekom upoznavanja i stupanja u zajednicu s drugom osobom. S obzirom da se stereotipno žene češće stigmatizira kada su same, umjetnica polazi od svog iskustva i kritički promišljadruštveni pritisak te vlastiti odgovor na isti. Kako je riječ o relativno često prisutnoj pojavi umjetnica […] Više
We warmly invite you to the opening of FEVER DREAM, an exhibition that explores the captivating worlds conjured up by artists Enej Gala, the collaborative collective Øleg&Kaśka, and the creative duo known as The Witch Twins, Alen and Robi Predanič. Running from September 2nd to 10th, 2023, at GMK, the exhibition weaves together elements of historical and contemporary cultural currents to craft intricate narratives that shed light on our modern hopes, fears, and possibilities. Više
Kick-start your evening with an exclusive guided tour through the artistic marvel that is ‘Rose Velvet’, brought to you by the ROSE kolektiv. This event, taking place tonight at 7 p.m. at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, offers a firsthand opportunity to experience a visionary fusion of art, technology, and digital culture. Bruna Jakupović, Lana Lehpamer, […] Više