The opening of the solo exhibition of Laura Barić: TIME-OUT will take place on Wednesday, June 2nd at 7 p.m. The exhibition remains open until July 3rd within the working hours of the Gallery. Laura Barić’s new work continues her previous research on the topics of work and productivity in a system that does not […] Više
This year’s last Open Studio will host visual artist Nika Pećarina. Since the Gallery is temporarily closed, the program will be held in the Showroom of the Nova Gallery at Tesla Street 7. “As part of the Open Studio I will continue (bringing an end to) the research work focused on thinking clay, that seeks […] Više
Neža Knez based her upcoming research on children’s statements about the possibility of a “machine” that will save the world. The sketch of this machine, in a form of a kinetic object, was created as part of the project ‘Deus ex machina’ in Ljubljana (2018).The mechanical movements of the object indicate its supernatural powers on […] Više
For the beginning of 2021, we present the work by Vida Guzmić, winner of the competition for the production and exhibition of the new work Tvornica under the title „Shadows of her paintings“. During the month of December, Vida Guzmić used the gallery space as her studio, a place where processuality and production coexist. „Naive […] Više