Zorka: station for a break from vacation

The installation deals with the route from the bus terminal behind the Importanne Center, through the underpass towards Tomislavac, Strossmayer’s Square and Zrinjevac, all the way to Ban Jelačić Square; a route whose considerable segment is the most populated by the Advent program. However, the observed route as a whole is actually a city plexus important for the continued pursuit of vital urban activities. It is also a series of functional city gaps, essential for maintaining public communication flow crucial to Zagreb.
Since during the Advent the route is laden with generic and mostly consumer content, designed as a temporary substitute for the shortcomings of the actual cultural and social offer of the city, the characteristic qualities of the plexus are shifted to the gallery space where the concept of urban emptiness is affirmed with a scenographic setting.
Therefore, the gallery offers a break from Advent, a break from a vacation, an insight into Zagreb that “Christmas tourists” do not have a chance to see: the characteristic panorama of Zagreb within the tourist itinerary devoided of tourist content.

The duration of the Zorka Advent program in the gallery coincides with the duration of the Advent manifestation in Zagreb. The program ends in the gallery on December 28, 2019. while the Advent manifestation in Zagreb lasts until 07.01.2019. Working hours of the gallery during the exhibition are: Tue-Sun 16-20h
Contributing authors
Curators: Ana Kovačić and Lea Vene
Architecture: Dafne Berc and Dino Belamarić
Camera, video, and editing: Karla Jurić and Ive Trojanović
Sound and Music: Konrad Mulvaj
Graphic Design and Illustration: Ena Jurov
Setting: Jasna Čagalj
Communication and promotion: Karla Andrić
Visualizations: Ana Kunst
Mobilizer: Mr. and Mrs. Asparagus

This program is financially supported by the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

GMK’s work is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives, the Kultura Nova Foundation, and INA d.d