The participatory methodology of the artist Evan J. Kirby and the curatorial collective NOT_____ENOUGH transform the GMK space as a place of exchange and dialogue outside the dominant system of doing and thinking about fashion, clothing, textiles and the body. Within the seven-day program, through a workshop and a participatory exhibition, we will collectively imagine new clothing experiences and alternative fashion ecosystems. Više
Inspired by the project of lithopuncture, geomancy and the overall work of Marko Pogačnik, the curatorial team of GMK invited Tin Dožić, Luana Lojić and Jasen Vodenica to provide their response to the artist’s work with new productions. Guided by sensory thinking, they present works that establish new relationships of the neglected subconscious and immediate environment. Više
Artistic practice of a young French artist Sara Sadik is dedicated to researching the youth culture of the Maghreb diaspora in Marseille. By documenting and deconstructing the youth culture of the working class, and through references relating to rap music, language, and fashion, Sadik creates a narrative that transitions from documentary to science fiction. Within fictional narratives, a special emphasis is placed on exploring the vulnerability of masculinity and its representation. Više
The nocturnal wanderings and the sweetness of losing control were the most important markings of Thomas Cap De Ville's youth. He returns to these times by meticulously arranging, intervening, and manipulating the remains of this past life. The artist becomes a sort of playwright, perhaps even his own therapist, who reinterprets life episodes bound in thick layers of paper and sticky tape. Više
Title 'Flower, polyester, plastic, 15x8x91, orchid, white' of the work by Paula Tončić leads us into the research subject: imitation of realities with artificial plants as the physical backbone. Više
Škvadra is a group of nine young professional dance artists, born out of the need to create their own opportunities, collaborations, and projects. One of Škvadra's main interests is to collaborate with other dancers, but also artists who work in other media. Driven by the need to change and refresh the art of dance in Croatia, they also want to use their work to familiarize audience with the theater and dance and make them accessible, new, and challenging. Više