BADco. – Two groups at work

Work of the panic is three-year-long processes of choreography, research, and production formed by Croatian performance collective BADco which starts with the sneak peek in the constellation of the prevention of an emergency from the perspective of the work which is in the paradoxical correlation with production – it products destruction.
Title Work of Panick corresponds with the Croatian translation of the title of the book City of panic by Paule Virili in which the writer connects the logic of creation without creation in the society and art. While terrorism, on the one hand, produces situations like accidents, as annulation of the continuity, work of the safety, on the other hand, produces dobule annulation, double negation, almost esthetical operation at the surface of the transparent city, the city that is overlighted and overviewed. But also the city that produces panicked with control of the public space and with differentiations between social groups, by enclosing towards migrants and retributes bodies in the space. At the same time with the increasing of the work in the sphere of safety, rises general social insecurity – instability of employment, imagining of threats, catastrophic scenarios. The city has become today one unusual combination of museums and theatrical dispositive – overviewed and curated theatre of operation.
When we talk about art approaches to this subject mainly different forms of spatial analysis in the organization of bodies and social choreographies predominate. Our wish is to achieve visibility for those hidden processes and relationships with exchanging their time parameters. Crucial of this project is then temporal directions of the project. The project assumes three phases of work from 2018 until 2020: workshop, research, and production. It also includes a great variety of artists: dancers, choreographers, actors, dramatic and visual artists – most of them part of the younger generation of contemporary artists.
10.11.2019., noon. GMK
Participants: Mia Štark, Espi Tomičić, Romina Tonković, Vida Zelić
Project by BADco and Drugo more is part of the program direction Dopolavoro project, Rijeka 2020 – European capital of culture, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb. The work of BADco is supported by Kultura Nova Foundation.