Evan J. Kirby / NOT ENOUGH collective

Evan J. Kirby:
sewing circle
[participatory exhibition]
23.-26.11. @ GMK

NOT_____ENOUGH collective:
Not plural enough
[workshop + talk]
28.-30.11. @ GMK

The participatory methodology of the artist Evan J. Kirby and the curatorial collective NOT_____ENOUGH transform the GMK space as a place of exchange and dialogue outside the dominant system of doing and thinking about fashion, clothing, textiles and the body. Within the seven-day program, through a workshop and a participatory exhibition, we will collectively imagine new clothing experiences and alternative fashion ecosystems.

Evan J. Kirby: sewing circle
Sewing circle is a participatory exhibition designed with the intent of holding space for communal engagement in hand crafts, magick, storytelling and any other forms of presence practices. Considering the symbolic and political value of textiles, Evan J. Kirby explores bodily relationships with fabric and clothing, intentionally twisting and recontextualizing them to create new values. The artist introduces visitors to the processes of intimate exchange, which becomes a trigger for opening further questions about power relations, exposure and the possibility of collaboration within the artistic framework. Sewing circle is above all an invitation to collaborate.

Evan J. Kirby’s practice researches the relationships between bodies, location, and self. His process is rooted in a materialist, geo-political awareness that gets translated through a post-humanist lens. Kirby’s medium is site specific, works with the self as a material, and contains performative elements that are often participatory.

You can visit the exhibition with the presence of the artist at the following times:
23.11. > 18:00-22:00
24.11. > 16:00-20:00
25.11. > 12:00-16:00
26.11. > 16:00-20:00

NOT_____ENOUGH collective: Not plural enough
We depart from the idea that fashion, in the way we know it today, comes from a Eurocentric perspective and has been reproduced as such across territories, institutions, bodies and cultures. It often homogenized our ways of dressing, relating, imagining, practising and seeing. To explore visions and understandings of what we consider fashion(s), we invite you to join the workshop not plural enough. Through self-exploration and collective exercises, our aim is to recognize plural definitions of fashion(s). Some of the methodologies we will use during the workshop are: mapping, remembering, categorizing and re-categorizing, among others. To participate, you don’t need any previous knowledge or skill, just the willingness to collectively share, reflect and exchange your dressing(s) and fashion(s) experiences.

NOT_____ENOUGH collective consists of Andrea Chehade Barroux, Mari Cortez and Marina Sasseron de Oliveira Cabral, three South American women currently living in the Netherlands. In 2019, they came together by the experience of being perceived not Latina enough as well as not European enough, while studying in the Netherlands. These unsettling feelings made them critically reflect and take action as a collective. Through their work, they want to transform the dynamics of oppressor and oppressed, imposed by remaining colonial power. From a personal to a systemic sphere, they collectively exercise non-colonial practices. Their aim is to face the challenge of constituting a plural world together and to promote change within fashion, design and education.

The language of the workshop is English.
Applications are sent until November 25th to: lovro.japundzic@gmail.com

Workshop schedule:
28.11. > 16:00-20:00
29.11. > 16:00-20:00
30.11. > 16:00-20:00

Public talk w/ NOT_____ENOUGH collective:
30.11. > 20:00


Curators: Lovro Japundžić and Lea Vene
Design: Sara Pavleković Preis
Technician: Marin Kovačević
Photography: Ive Trojanović

Project is supported by: Gradski ured za kulturu Grada Zagreba i Ministarstvo kulture i medija Republike Hrvatske.

GMK is supported by: Zaklada Kultura nova i INA d.d.