Neža Knez: Guided Tour Through the Exhibition PARALLEL TRANSFUSIONS

We invite you to join us on Thursday, 06/08, at 7:00 PM at GMK. The author Neža Knez will guide us through her exhibition PARALLEL TRANSFUSIONS which is closing this Saturday. She will talk about the context in which the installation was created – a long-term exploration of a specific terrain, an isolated natural space connected with the artist through family history and memory.

Thanks to the photographer Sanja Bistričić, you can experience first-hand the fascinating interweaving of image, light, and mechanical objects by Neža Knez in a virtual walk through the setup.

This project was realized in the production of Studio Pangolin, with the support of the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media of Croatia, the City of Ljubljana, and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia. We extend special thanks to Tin Dožić and Hrvoje Spudić (Klubvizija) for their support.