Exhibition opening: Thursday, 1/6/2023, 8pm, GMK, Šubićeva 29, Zagreb
Exhibition runs until 10/6/2023

GMK opening hours:
Tuesday–Friday: 2–8pm
Saturday: 10am–3pm

The project PARALLEL TRANSFUSIONS is based on the long-term exploration of a specific terrain, a remote natural space connected to the artist by family history and memory. The starting point of the process is a personal need to investigate invisible shapes and forms, unheard sounds, the importance, beauty, and danger of touch, relating them to her own body. As part of this enduring project, an installation interweaving image, light, and mechanical objects will be exhibited at GMK. On one hand, the artist investigates and documents transformations of nature’s materiality, as well as the inscriptions of human traces in these materialities. On the other hand, she processes materials from the location in the studio, exploring their characteristics, following and organizing them in a way that gives rise to new comparisons and connections between the materials themselves, her and them, them and the objects creating them, and them and the space they inhabit.

The artist is interested in changes, the creation of new forms, heterogeneities, and ongoing processes, which are no longer merely tools for representation, but through their interplay, we can see what is, in a way, hidden.

Neža Knez was born in Ljubljana in 1990. In 2014, she graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she continued her Master’s studies. She received the highest recognition Summa Cum Laude for her work, the European Mobility Award (I – Portunus – Goethe Institut), the UL ALUO Award for exceptional student achievements, an award for an innovative approach to graphic art, the Prešeren Student Award, and the OHO group award. She was a recipient of a two-year residency for young artists at the Švicarija Creative Center (2018 – 2020), completed the WHW Academy (2019-20), and Restart Documentary Film School (2022), all in Zagreb. She currently lives and works in Zagreb.

The project is produced by Pangolin Studio, and supported by the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media Croatia, the City of Ljubljana, and the Ministry of Culture Slovenia. Thanks to: Tin Dožić, Hrvoje Spudić (Klubvizija).