Open Studio: Presentation of the Spatial-Sound Installation WE ARE NOT MADE OF SUGAR

Dora Fodor and Iva Peručić present their spatial-sound installation “We Are Not Made of Sugar” at the closing event of the Open Studio, showcasing the culmination of their one-month residency at the Gallery Miroslav Kraljević (GMK).

  • Saturday, March 2nd, 7:00 PM
  • Gallery Miroslav Kraljević (GMK), space 10ka

The spatial-sound installation “We Are Not Made of Sugar” employs sugar as a material, transforming it from one form to another. The processes within the installation highlight a pattern of constant cyclical emergence and disappearance, and their addictive relationship, meaning one cannot exist without the other. An ode to decay as opposed to the fear of it represents a philanthropic approach, through which the inevitability of the process within any broader or more concentrated system takes on a form of beauty and admiration, rather than disgust. The phrase “sugar-coated decay,” set forth by the artists in their research, is applied to the mechanisms of society and community, the individual, and their actions within their environment. While contemporary society mainly produces linear processes, nature creates circular ones. The end of a circular process is also its beginning, thus negating the production of excess or dead ends. “We Are Not Made of Sugar” emphasizes a fascination with the processes of decay, aging, and disappearance as a necessary and undeniable part of existence.

The Open Studio represents platform of the Gallery Miroslav Kraljević (GMK) that redefines traditional gallery space practices, focusing on interactivity, collaboration, and open dialogue between artists, curators, critics, and the audience. The Open Studio concept allows artists to expose their working processes to the public, encouraging direct exchange of ideas and opinions. Through this dynamic interaction, the studio is transformed into a vibrant place of creative expression, incubation of new ideas, and a site for critical exchange, deconstructing the usual perceptions of gallery space as exclusively for exhibitions or presentations. The Open Studio not only provides a physical space for work and exploration but also creates a platform for meeting, collaboration, and co-creation, opening new possibilities for artistic development and an audience eager to dive deeper into artistic processes.

Dora Fodor is a singer, performer, and audio-visual artist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the field of New Media. She explores human identities and documents them through an interdisciplinary approach. She collaborates with various artists and explores areas such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, physics, and computer programming. She participates in many festivals and exhibitions, performing her works in various art spaces and clubs (Indirect Festival, Project Ilica Multimedia Festival, Lazaretti Art Gallery, Aquarius Club, LUZ Festival, Reunited Festival, Szabadkikoto Club in Pécs, Greta Gallery, Kset Club,, Gallery Windows, Club Močvara, Palm64, Museum of Broken Relationships, Experimental Sound Event “Gibanja”, Sounded Bodies Festival, Atelier Žitnjak, and Gallery Knifer).

Iva Peručić is an architect and urban planner, with a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Zagreb. Her professional experience began with an internship at De Architekten Cie in Amsterdam, followed by work at Studio 3LHD in Zagreb. Since 2017, she has led her own studio, GROW Studio, focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions and natural building. Beyond architecture, Iva dedicates herself to active engagement in ecological and artistic initiatives. She is a co-founder of the ecological association Green Swarm (2018), the artistic collective Fern Collective (2020), and the socio-artistic association Concrete (2021). Her work is situated at the margins of architecture, art, and ecology, with notable achievements in various competitions and exhibitions. She has been recognized for her work at the 50th Zagreb Salon of Architecture, as well as art and design festivals such as Design District Zagreb and Okolo/Around. With the Fern Collective, in 2021, she exhibited works at the 35th Young Artists’ Salon in Zagreb, and at the Magic Carpets residency in Guimaraes, Portugal. She is currently completing an interdisciplinary postgraduate study in Urban Studies in Rijeka. Her architectural and artistic projects demonstrate a strong focus on sustainable and contextually sensitive design. In her work, she emphasizes the interdependence and simplicity of human coexistence with nature.

Artists: Dora Fodor, Iva Peručić
Working title of the concept: We Are Not Made of Sugar
Organizer: GMK
Curator: Maja Pavlinić
Producer: Tea Matanović
Thanks: Miodrag Gladović, Tin Dožić, Andrija Santro, Katrin Novaković

The 2024 Open Studio program is supported by the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.