Open studio/ Tin Dožić: artist talk, movie projection and final exhibition

Laura Netz

Live stream lecture (30 min + Q&A)

Vitalist materialism. Mining life

Start: at 7:30 pm

Interested in the Anthropocene, I think abour how my work as an artist and curator can denounce the exploatation of natural resources.  It is known that all information and communication technologies need minerals to be created. Any piece of hardware is dependent on this source of natural wealth that are minerals. Currently, computers need rare minerals and minerals. A little investigation around the production channels of these technologies reveals that most of the minerals come from ex-colony countries that have been mistreated by colonialist policies. The Congo is currently suffering from post-national politics based on imperialist capitalism that is intensely technological. In Congo, the red mines are not regulated by the government of the Congo. The green mines are those that are subject to government controls and issue certificates of authentication to the EU and US corporations. However, the red mines are currently resulting in child exploitation, the guerrillas (who control these mines) and the displacement of people, with consequent famine and unhygienic living conditions. This dependence of the computational with the minerals transforms the geographical discourse into a geological dimension. The interest in materials lies in the so-called materialisation of the media, where geophysical elements express the scarcity of resources, the technological regimes, the geopolitics of labour, the planetary excavations, and the aftereffects of electronic waste. Here, my position is critical with the planned obsolescence in a capitalist technological and unsustainable model of innovation.

Regards des lieux

De nos Mains / With our hands

Silent movies and the sound of modified guitar

Start at: 8: 30 PM

A series of short films documenting men’s relationship with matter, their work; talking about their gestures, their movements, their choreographies in their daily spaces. In this projection, unlike original one where along with the movies a musician plays on modified guitar, guitar sound will be recorded as the movie soundtrack.

It opens with rope, a lumberjack and a horse, then a human-sized machine and men around, and next a blast furnace and pebbles are transformed into metal. These three films are silent and yet. You almost hear the snow creaking and the flames crackling. In front of the streched screen, a man looks at an instrument, a guitar he prepared. He had placed various objects through the strings which made it possible to alter the sound, to do something else. He plays with movies all along, with pictures, and with silences too. It’s a story of work through his altered instrument and his connection to the man in the three short films, put in sound and live music.

Laura Netz

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Regards des lieux (Jérémie Lamouroux i Martin Debisschop)

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Saturday: 06th of April, 2019.

7 – 10 PM

Final exhibition: artworks produced during Open studio/ Tin Dožić

We are also representing the final exhibition of artworks by Tin Dožić, finalist of the Radoslav Putar Award, which was produced during Open studio. This is a multimedia installation that combines new artworks with the existing one. Installation is based on the research about piezoelectricity of synthetical and natural crystals and research about mechanical sound produced by using electronic waste. On the final exhibition, artist will also present a sketch of the work in progress concept based on the x-rays.

Program Open studio is financed with the funds from the Ministry of Culture. 
GMK is supported by Zaklada Kultura nova and Foundation for Arts Initiative (FFAI).
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