Galerija Miroslav Kraljević proudly presents the innovative sound installation "Where 2+2=5" by artist Hugo Baranger. This unique exhibition represents a synergy of nature, art, and chess through a processual sound composition that uses moss as an electrical and sound generator. Discover how each chess move transforms into a unique sound, creating an unusual symphony that enlivens the gallery space, starting from December 20th. Više
Join us on Saturday, December 2nd, from 6:00 PM, for the special closing program of Marlen Ban’s exhibition NO MORE “I’M SORRY”, which has garnered significant attention in recent weeks at the Galerija Miroslav Kraljević. Marlen Ban’s artistic work offers an intimate and introspective view of romantic relationships. It delves into the complex emotional, psychological, […] Više
In her new exhibition THE FEAST at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Helen Anna Flanagan adapts Marco Ferreri's satirical approach from the movie "La Grande Bouffe" to the contemporary context of consumerism and decadence. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the film "Geste tvari" (2020) which explores the absurd aspects of excessive consumption. The artist invites reflection on the limits of the body, pleasure, and sustainability. Her work in video, performance, and installation deals with social structures and the political subtext of everyday life. Više
Dear Visitors, We wish to inform you that Marianna Nardini’s exhibition, PRESENCE: THIS EMPTY SPACE WITHOUT ME IS MY HOME, will unfortunately have a shortened run at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery due to unexpected renovations in our space. While originally scheduled to be on display until November 28th, the exhibition will now conclude on Saturday, […] Više
The new exhibition NO MORE "I'M SORRY" by artist Marlen Ban delves into the intimate world of female emotions within the context of romantic relationships, questioning the reverberations of societal expectations and their impact on female identity. Through the medium of embroidery, narratives of injuries in intimate relationships are examined, presenting to the public a polyphony of women's voices and experiences. Više
Organ Vida Off year program is dedicated to examining expanded cinema, or exploring the exhibition potential of moving images in the gallery context. The invited artists — Anni Puolakka, Tarren Johnson and Joel Cocks — start from their existing audiovisual works and expand them into gallery spaces through interaction with other media such as text, performance, and installation. Više