For the beginning of 2021, we present the work by Vida Guzmić, winner of the competition for the production and exhibition of the new work Tvornica under the title „Shadows of her paintings“. During the month of December, Vida Guzmić used the gallery space as her studio, a place where processuality and production coexist. „Naive […] Više
“The prototype of a motif (breakfast with all other objects on the table) is vacuumed into the plastic and automatically it becomes an artifact of ecological pollution. In retrospect, the motif is with its singularity, content, and physical appearance compression of historical and artistic meaning (as dead nature), and of the making process (vacuum forming). […] Više
Sprouting from a persistent need to share our artistic processes and find a possibility for contact even now when every such potential seems to slip out of the domain of the possible or reachable into the domain of total biopolitical control Ivana Mirchevska, Natasha Nedelkova and Elena Chemerska (Skopje, North Macedonia) will try and meet for a three week long residency in Zagreb during September of 2020. Više
“Privacy advocates will find it difficult to convince the public that traditional definitions of privacy are of higher value than the freedom to leave your house. No one should want to abandon privacy as a value, of course, or even to downgrade its importance. But it’s entirely possible to develop a concept of privacy that […] Više
Annual student exchange facilitated by Nicole Hewitt and Ben Cain. During an exceptionally difficult period that included a pandemic and earthquakes, along with various other challenges, BA Art students from Zagreb Academy of Fine Art and LondonMet found ways to communicate, to share times, spaces, ideas… and to make work together over distance. Ordinarily -and […] Više
Final event of Open Studio: Vlad Brăteanu4.7.2020. 19h / 7ica artist statementFor this open studio, I am proposing several works // interventions // collaborations that centre around communication, interaction and urban acupuncture in public spaces. Scrutinising societal and geographical issues in neoliberalism, supermarkets as a place of exchange, consumption, labour and gathering, have been my […] Više