Marlen Ban, autorica rada NO MORE I’M SORRY, bavi se problematikom romantičnih odnosa. Propituje kako društvo utječe na romantične veze, traženje partnera, kakva se očekivanja nameću tijekom upoznavanja i stupanja u zajednicu s drugom osobom. S obzirom da se stereotipno žene češće stigmatizira kada su same, umjetnica polazi od svog iskustva i kritički promišljadruštveni pritisak te vlastiti odgovor na isti. Kako je riječ o relativno često prisutnoj pojavi umjetnica […] Više
We warmly invite you to the opening of FEVER DREAM, an exhibition that explores the captivating worlds conjured up by artists Enej Gala, the collaborative collective Øleg&Kaśka, and the creative duo known as The Witch Twins, Alen and Robi Predanič. Running from September 2nd to 10th, 2023, at GMK, the exhibition weaves together elements of historical and contemporary cultural currents to craft intricate narratives that shed light on our modern hopes, fears, and possibilities. Više
Kick-start your evening with an exclusive guided tour through the artistic marvel that is ‘Rose Velvet’, brought to you by the ROSE kolektiv. This event, taking place tonight at 7 p.m. at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, offers a firsthand opportunity to experience a visionary fusion of art, technology, and digital culture. Bruna Jakupović, Lana Lehpamer, […] Više
Join us this Tuesday, June 20th, at 6:00 PM, at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, where the ROSE kolektiv - Bruna Jakupović, Lana Lehpamer, and Ivor Tamarut - will present the result of their intensive residential work. After three months of contemplation and experimentation in the field of artificial intelligence, 'Rose Velvet' was born, a virtual persona that poses intriguing questions about our digital identities, algorithms, and infrastructures of the online world. Enter a space where real and virtual transition into one another, where the boundaries between algorithm, online infrastructure, and individual identities intriguingly blur. Dive into the world of the ROSE kolektiv, share your thoughts, ask questions, and open new paths to understanding the contemporary digital sphere. Više
In the parallel “white cube” Berger reflects on good and bad taste, high and low brow, the temporality of cultural capital, its framings and settings. Historical and contemporary understanding and interpretation of these categories are mounted in a framed conservatism - Rational Display. Immediately legible as a known fine arts vernacular but with a subtext which can be reread against the grain as a critical examination of one's own critical position and reflection of one’s own impermanence as an arts actor. Više
Dear visitors, We would like to inform you that our gallery will have altered opening hours during the national holiday – we will open our doors from 4:00 PM. Come and take this opportunity to walk through our current exhibition PARALLEL TRANSFUSIONS by Neža Knez once again and to enjoy the fascinating works that combine […] Više