This research deals with the weird intersections of rare metals and all our lives in these entangled times of ubiquitous networked media. It concerns the hegemonic neocolonial relations of contemporary neoliberal globalization (that is, today’s corporate practices of so-called development and sustainability), through extraction of geological materials that are mined from the earth and re-worked into machines that define our technical media culture. Such sites where material turns gradually closer to media are scattered across the globe; however, I am researching only one such supply chain, and its real conditions; that of Tantalum. My focus is in Rwanda, as well as Macedonia, and the space in between. Više
Mjenjolici s Urana predlažu zajednički uron u znanstvenu fantastiku s fokusom na autore koji su već početkom prošlog stoljeća preispitivali kako odnose ljudskog i neljudskog tako i premisu da se bijeli heteroseksualni muškarac (a ne lezbijka iz Ekumena, pas mješanac ili običan kamen) sa svojim tehno-ekstenzijama nalazi u središtu svemira. Želja nam je kroz čitalačku grupu ne samo proširiti imaginarij ‘o budućnosti’ već dovesti u pitanje vrijednosti na kojima se isti temelji. Potičući dijalog u kojem su jedina pravila da je sve što pomislimo (ne)točno te da su svi sugovornici jednako (ne)stručni, Mjenjolici pozivaju da privremeno zamijenimo zaključke opažanjem. Više
Wa are proud to anounce The Hub of tricks, cheats and love in disquise artists Vienne Chan, Obsessive Possessive Aggression, International Dance Terrorist Organization alongside the curator of the project Marko Gutić Mižimakov are selected for the 2020 PACT Zollverein residency program! Congradulations! Više
The exhibition deals with these topics through reclaiming visual and textual figures of Otherness. Specifically, these positions are thematized through the figures of the witch, the alien, the monster, and the cyborg. Monsters, along with freaks, villains, and perverts, describe just some of the violent insults society levels at LGBTIQ* people, and such associations are […] Više
Miguel Soto has worked together with a student from the Art Academy of Zagreb Natan Sudec, to convert found rock cores into a design for a space heater. Living in Santiago de Chile, Soto first encountered these cores when his grandmother came back to Croatia after migrating to Chile during the Frist World War. On […] Više
In the context of this project, Jadranska Magistrala has a double meaning. Most directly, it was only in 1965, the year when it has been opened, that the preconditions for the development of a continuously connected and wholly accessible coastal territory were met. This coastal territory had been fragmented due to unstable political, military or […] Više