In the context of this project, Jadranska Magistrala has a double meaning. Most directly, it was only in 1965, the year when it has been opened, that the preconditions for the development of a continuously connected and wholly accessible coastal territory were met. This coastal territory had been fragmented due to unstable political, military or […] Više
The editors of Flaneur Magazine are hosting a three-day workshop in collaboration with GMK. Employing psychogeographic and collaborative strategies, the workshop will provide a creative reading of the cityscape that reveals the hidden layers and mythologies of the place. GMK’s space will be turned into a temporary editorial office where a one-off magazine will be […] Više
The elements we can manipulate with are in control of growth, appearance, and life of the plant. Light, color, transparency, sound, and combination of these four elements are a base to cultivate your digital plant. Each element can reach a value of a maximum of 100 points. The player is trying to find balance among […] Više
Laura Netz Live stream lecture (30 min + Q&A) Vitalist materialism. Mining life Start: at 7:30 pm Interested in the Anthropocene, I think abour how my work as an artist and curator can denounce the exploatation of natural resources.  It is known that all information and communication technologies need minerals to […] Više
Tin Dožić has completed the study of psychology on the faculty of Croatian studies, University of Zagreb and New media department on Acadamy of fine arts in Zagreb. He uses the sound medium as a starting point in his art. His fields of activities also include field recordings, radio, experimental music, and art installations. His […] Više
Žižić/Kožul Open Studio 15.01. – 28.02.2019. First open door: 28.01.  event starts at 20h   In the works of artist duo Žižić/Kožul discrepancy between socio-economic reality and its highly aestheticised representation is the main topic, and one they continuously approach. Using various strategies of appropriation, they are focused on manipulating both the product […] Više