The picture of perpetual dripping projected on the wall of the gallery is reflected in the mirror placed on the floor. The size of the mirror is the same as the size of the surface of the wall under the projection. Both the mirror and the projection are touching along the whole width where the […] Više
Ivan Šeremet belongs to a small group of Croatian artists who have, in an artistically relevant way, referred to the war reality, reaching for the spiritual echoes of time in which they lived. šeremet does it without the time pause, instantaneously and at once (while that reality is still ‘hot’); without suspecting that there should […] Više
The burden of risk that a young artist is taking by publicly announcing that in overwhelming presence of cacophony of sounds and signs he finally has something to say, is proportional to the responsibility with which the public and the profession, as well as the author of these lines, could accept the challenge. The risk […] Više
From the beginning of the nineties the art of Vlado Zrnić, the painter with the diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, becomes more and more oriented towards the ‘moving pictures’. He exhibits rarely, the ambitious film productions are replacing video projects, his directing skill becomes more appreciated and finally awarded. Although Zrnić’s […] Više
Cesco Dessanti e uno dei pittori la quale opera richiede tutta lanostra devozione. La sua pittura non affascina solo superficialmente. Se ci immergiamo apieno nei suoi quadri, saremo ripagatti generosamente. Neanche la realta penosa non ispirale emozioni negative. Le situazioni estreme accennano alla vita stessa, alla veritasemplice. Dessanti e un testimone costante di tuto cio […] Više
Each Thing has its Spectralsignature The resoluteness of artist to express all ofhis experiences by constant use of single element is alwaysfascinating. But, in one of the texts written in spirals, ManuelaVladic annotate: “The artist sees things each time as if hesees them for the first time ( or he consciously exerthimself)… “, and thus […] Više