Karina Sladović with her meticulous graphic technique speaks the language of precision which is synonymous with the nature of graphic. Her prints mirror the artist’s soul combining visual experience with contemporary desire for artistic expression. This exhibition in the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery is a true promotion of artistic maturity and individuality which mark the nineties […] Više
When selecting works by Vesna Pavlaković for the HDLU-exhibition 5 + 5 entitled “The Symbolic Speech of Color” and staged in Ljubljana, I did so fascinated by some kind of inconstancy of her azure patterns, both figurative and abstract. I noticed that this artist of a younger generation was literally flushing layer by layer of […] Više
How to paint “painterly” – “post-painterly” today in Rijeka? Melita Sorola Staničić has “appeared in public” with her paintings as one of the latest “new comers” in Rijeka’s (Croatia’s) art scene at the end of the last and at the beginning of this decade, together with some other young painters from the Art Department of […] Više
The Art Of Reduction In nature we find all that we want, but a man has to be cultivated enough to want to find only what is needed. (A. Lohte) One of the earliest Ivan Kožarić’s graphic realisations which remained preserved, is the one that starts this exhibition of graphic plates: a small tin-engraving, 10×10 […] Više
The Spiral Dialogue – ‘Listening to’ Caravaggio Although this is his 46th one-man-show, Boris Demur approached it with the eagerness and enthusiasm significant for beginners. No wonder, because never before was it made possible for him to present his art pilgrimage – his spiral system – with such completeness and on such a format. With […] Više
The Sacrifice “…The method and the system have their advantages. Sometimes I say to myself, if a Man every day in the exactly the same time performs the same Act, like some ritual, systematically every day at the exactly the same time – the world would change. Something would change. It must. For example, one […] Više