Results of the Annual Tvornica 2024 Competition

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I WOULD SWALLOW IT? by Valentina Butumović has been declared the winning work of the Factory 2024 competition.

The concept explores the complex connections between intimacy, decomposition, reproduction, eroticism, and cultural fermentation, using petroleum derivatives as the primary materials. The work reflects on both culture and the mythologies that arise from the fossil fuel industry, evoking contradictory feelings and encouraging contemplation.

The project was selected by a professional jury consisting of Petra Mrša, Valerija Cerovec, Ivan Slipčević, Leopold Rupnik, and Maja Pavlinić, and will be realized and exhibited this year at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery.

Congratulations to Valentina and thank you once again to everyone who responded to the competition.

Valentina Butumović, born in 1994 in Pula, studied New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and continued her education at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania and through the Erasmus+ exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. Her works have been exhibited in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. Her work explores the interaction between the organic and synthetic in the context of contemporary ecological challenges. She currently lives in Berlin.