‘Rose Velvet’: Step into the World of Artificial Intelligence with a Guided Tour by ROSE kolektiv

Kick-start your evening with an exclusive guided tour through the artistic marvel that is ‘Rose Velvet’, brought to you by the ROSE kolektiv. This event, taking place tonight at 7 p.m. at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, offers a firsthand opportunity to experience a visionary fusion of art, technology, and digital culture.

Bruna Jakupović, Lana Lehpamer, and Ivor Tamarut, the artists behind the ROSE kolektiv, will share their profound insights and inspirations that influenced the creation of this unique project. Experience how the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur and intertwine through their perspective.

‘Rose Velvet’ is more than a mere exhibition – it’s a challenge, a provocation, and a call for dialogue about our role and place in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Join us and become part of this dynamic discussion that promises to shape our understanding of the contemporary digital age.

See you tonight!