super Market

Final event of Open Studio: Vlad Brăteanu
4.7.2020. 19h / 7ica

artist statement
For this open studio, I am proposing several works // interventions // collaborations that centre around communication, interaction and urban acupuncture in public spaces. Scrutinising societal and geographical issues in neoliberalism, supermarkets as a place of exchange, consumption, labour and gathering, have been my point of departure for this artistic examination. With the presented ideas, I am conflating the matters of architecture and language to reflect on issues of exchange, value systems and the public sphere.

When looking at public spaces, one can distinguish between places in use or places of gathering and non-places or abandoned places. I am juxtaposing supermarkets as a representative of living places to the forsaken place that is depicted on the wallpaper. Presented as a barcode, it asks of the value of these forgotten places, about Socialist architecture and how we deal with memory and heritage.

Special guests: Ivan Kuharic, Sven Soric

Vlad Brăteanu (1986, Romania) holds a M.A. in Photography and Moving Image and a B.A. in Graphics from the Bucharest National University of Arts. He studied Philosophy in the Context of Contemporary Art with Catherine Malabou at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His background in graphics forms the base for theoretical and conceptual considerations for which photography functions as a primary medium and is extended through sound, found objects and video through constant playful semiotics of imagery. He is the co-founder of Template, an artist initiative and exhibition project that started in Bucharest in 2018 and is an alumnus of WHW Akademija in Zagreb.