Tvornica 2023 – Announcement of the Winning Work

We are thrilled to announce the results of Tvornica 2023, our annual open call for the production and exhibition of new artistic work. After rigorous scrutiny of a large number of high-quality submissions, our jury, composed of professionals in the art field, has made a decision that was far from easy. Two competition rounds took place.

Hugo Baranger, a young artist of exceptional creative reach, has been declared the winner of this year’s competition. His work “Where 2+2=5” presents a powerful interpretation of art – an evolving sound installation that employs moss as a medium for sound transmission.

Examining life and organic materials, Hugo continues to explore the fringes of contemporary artistic practice, fostering a dialogue between biological and digital. His installation uses the chess games of grandmaster Mikhail Tal as scores, successfully marrying the aesthetics of sonicity with the conceptual structure of chess. The integration of visual, sonic, and conceptual opens new perspectives and reinterprets the role of the artist in the contemporary context.

Born in 1992 in Niort, Hugo grew up in the heart of Green Venice, in Marais Poitevin, France. His initial inspirations were colors, winter fog, and the landscapes of this area. Diagnosed with poor vision combined with strong astigmatism and hypermetropia at the age of 5, these visual challenges shaped his perception of the world – as a world of uncertain outlines and scattered focuses.

Graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Angoulême in 2016, Hugo has been living and working in Zagreb since October 2022.

Hugo says, “I am extremely happy and feel honored to have this opportunity to work with GMK under these conditions. I am also very pleased that this installation convinced and touched you.”

Where 2+2=5

The decision was made based on several key factors: originality, creativity, relevance within contemporary art, technical realization, and alignment with the concept of the competition.

Our jury this year consisted of Maja Pavlinić, curator and manager of GMK, Sara Salamon, artist, Ana Bedenko, curator and member of KONTEJNER, Barbara Gregov, curator and member of the collective behind Organ Vida, Branimir Štivić, artist and last year’s winner of Tvornica, and Tea Matanović, dramaturge and producer at GMK. The work “Where 2+2=5” stood out due to its originality, technical excellence, and conceptual maturity, representing an exceptional example of how innovative approaches and creativity can expand the boundaries of traditional art.

Hugo will have the privilege of utilizing the rich resources of GMK, with the mentorship of the gallery’s curators and financial support for the development of his artistic work. We anticipate that the work will be presented to the wider public in December 2023.

Tvornica continues its mission of creating a vibrant space for free, open dialogue, cultural exchange, and production. We eagerly anticipate the future phases of this project, as well as the presentation of Hugo’s work.

We thank all participants who, by applying for the competition, provided insight into their artistic practice.