Zlatko Kopljar: I Believe

The Sacrifice

“…The method and the system have their advantages. Sometimes I say to myself, if a Man every day in the exactly the same time performs the same Act, like some ritual, systematically every day at the exactly the same time – the world would change. Something would change. It must. For example, one wakes up and gets up at seven o’clock precisely, goes to the bathroom, pours a glass of water and flushes it down the toilet. Only that …”

Andrej Tarkowsky: The Sacrifice

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Zlatko Kopljar
Born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5.3.1962. In 1986 he enrolled at the Academia di Belle Arti in Venice, graduating in 1991, department of painting in the class of Prof. Zotti. He lives and works in Zagreb.