In Situ – Missing Objects is a project aimed at finding new articulations of urban public space through active citizen participation. Urban public space is viewed not only as the sum of material and social interactions and their relations, but also as a place of continuous transformation that results from the complex interrelationship of technology, […] Više
Transient Hole (Variations) VIII 6.-13.10.2018  Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic (G-MK) Šubićeva 29 – 10000 Zagreb  contributions by: Atzgerei Productions, Arnold Berger, Vitar Drinkovic, Sophie Dvořák, Alexander Felch/Aisek Ifraimov, Hrvoje Hiršl, Christoph Hoeschele, Harald Hund, Ana Muscet, Vladimir Novak, Anja Nowak, Jaysha Obispo, Predrag Pavic, Jeroen van Amelsvoort, Anna Vasof, Stefan Voglsinger, Jan Vormann, David Wauters, Hui […] Više
During the sweltering summer of 2015, Ivan Hrkaš was staying in Rijeka, as a participant in the Kamov Residency Programme. Nearly every day he visited the city beach in the residential quarter Pećine, which the locals had named Number Three. Spending his late afternoons as one of the bathers, he was doing what everybody else […] Više
Art and research project What are we supposed to do with an art collection? was started in 2016 by Katerina Duda within the framework of Open Studio in the Gallery Miroslav Kraljević. The artist focused on the Gallery’s history and themoving out of INA’s employees from their building in Subiceva 29which happened at that time. […] Više
Exhibition „Neighbourhood: Docufictional Storyboard“ is continuation of workshop held as part of DDZ 2017. festival, which produced four docufictional narratives in diverse audiovisual formats. Works exhibited confront simplistic logic of „branding“, while DDZ area (part of Zagreb framed by Draškovićeva, Vlaška, Držićeva and Zvonimirova street) is presented as field of diverse and often irreconcilable paradigms, […] Više