/ interactive movement animation Gifoskop is an experiment that manifests the relations between what is perceived as the basic elements of dance: locomotion, composition and its visuality. It is also an analytic means for communicating dance procedures between dancers and non-dancers. Gifoskop enables the non-dancing body to animate its creative and performative mechanisms in […] Više
http://www.homeless-ideas.org / The collection of unrealized ideas and projects The Resort of Homeless Ideas is based on the idea that artists are producing too many ideas, ideas that they don’t know what to do with. There are various reasons why a lot of ideas never come true: lack of money, health problems (and depressions), […] Više
Complex and inexhaustible structure: www.g-mk.hr/online/duje Više
The Resonance program presents works by students at the The Art Academy from Split. The program is co-curated by g-mk and Sandra Sterle, professor at the New Media Department of the Split Academy. The program is realized during 3 weeks, from June 15 to July 8, and is comprised of a set of exhibitions, happenings in public space and […] Više
www.g-mk.hr/online/molnar The project puts relatives and villagers in a fictive network of relationships. Više
The project is a part of the ‘Contact Program‘, an experimental G-MK program line that involves working with students.The project was based on a simple opservation: in search of any of the city’s gallery spaces, it is most likely that one wouldn’t be able to get directions by entering and asking in a neighbouring store, […] Više