A pilot program of artist exchange and establishing contact between Croatian and British artist led organizations from ‘non-central’ regions Partners in the UK:  — Station, Bristol — PVA MediaLab, Bridport — Re.projects, Stroud Partners in Croatia: — Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik — HDLU Osijek — HDLU Varazdin Coordination: g-mk | galerija miroslav kraljevic CROssoverUK is […] Više
Despite the fact that contemporary art has long overcome modernist dogmas that define art as an autonomous and unreachable object awaiting its contact with the audience within the protected space of the «white cube», and despite the decades old visions of unting art and life, practising art on the streets, outside the frames of art […] Više
* “in place of” in Croatian language has same meaning as “instead” Subsistence cuisine usually reflects social poverty, slight existential nausea, bad family relations, low communicational and understanding level. There are no obvious reasons why on Damir Babic’s photographs (In) Place of Picture, should not happen the same. Moreover, the title makes us look for […] Više
When we were discussing the date for the exhibition, Jelena Peric demanded the winter schedule, usually disliked by the artists. The emphasised whiteness of the Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery does not suffice. We settled for February, hoping that by that time all will be covered by snow, which has not fallen by mid January. The characteristics […] Više
On The Island 1. I asked a very old peasant woman from the island of Mljet to borrow me her clothes. I put them on and started to perform in front of the camera. 2. I look very healthy. My cheeks are red…but thatís a make up. 3. It feels like a strange, ironic game, […] Više
For the past several years, in one of the niches of the eastern parts of the Diocletian’s Cellars, there is a nameless sarcophagus. It was confirmed that it originates from the 3rd or the 4th century AD This sarcophagus inspired me to make a site specific work for this year’s Adria Art Annale in Split. […] Više