Eugen Vodopivec BorkovskyBorn 1956 in Opatija, He studied visual arts onTeachers-training College in Rijeka. He is member of variousAssociations of Visual artists in Croatia, Active in the fieldsof graphic design, scenography and heraldic. Since 1989 he livesand works in solitary town Grimalda in central Istria. Više
Scenic Views The art of scene is an important element in the art of Michael Schuster. From his first collaboration with the sculptor Hartmut Skerbisch Szene aus dem gleichnamigen Stück (Scene from the piece with the same name) to his travels to the top scenic views of the 50 states of USA. In the […] Više
Adopting the aggressive operative discourse so efficaciously utilised in public relations, Ines Krasić has from the very beginning established important strategic control over the major communicational potential of her art. In consequence, her work is characterised by, extremely subtle manipulative seductiveness, which in its final stage, the conquest of the audience, achieves more than admirable […] Više
/preface available only in German/ Die Cuba-Serien von Wolf Böwig Langsam löst sich Hell vom Dunkel, langsam entstehen vor unseren Augen Schattenbildervon Körpern und Gegenständen: Verletzlich, voll anrührender Sinnlichkeit, vorbei an trotzigen Parolen aufblättrigem Mauerwerk, zieht es den jungen Boxer ins Dunkel. “La Esperanza”,“die Hoffnung”: Fotos von Böwig aus einem cubanischen Boxcamp. Das gleissend-tropische Licht […] Više
Karina Sladović with her meticulous graphic technique speaks the language of precision which is synonymous with the nature of graphic. Her prints mirror the artist’s soul combining visual experience with contemporary desire for artistic expression. This exhibition in the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery is a true promotion of artistic maturity and individuality which mark the nineties […] Više
When selecting works by Vesna Pavlaković for the HDLU-exhibition 5 + 5 entitled “The Symbolic Speech of Color” and staged in Ljubljana, I did so fascinated by some kind of inconstancy of her azure patterns, both figurative and abstract. I noticed that this artist of a younger generation was literally flushing layer by layer of […] Više