In situ: Missing objects – presentation of the publication

In Situ – Missing Objects is a project aimed at finding new articulations of urban public space through active citizen participation. Urban public space is viewed not only as the sum of material and social interactions and their relations, but also as a place of continuous transformation that results from the complex interrelationship of technology, media, society and public space.

In situ publication – Missing Objects includes a two-year exploration of a project of the same name. The aim of the project was to develop citizen participation methodologies in the process of designing / creating interventions in a real and hybrid public space – one that exists at the boundary of the physical and the virtual. The publication archives and explains the conducted research, that is, its theoretical and practical segment, which consisted of a series of workshops and interviews with citizens. In addition to the publication, we will also present a web platform that brings together research findings, but also acts as a space for collaborative reflection on the potential of public space.

Authors: Dora Đurkesac and Karla Paliska

The project and publication were created within the program of the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery Factory with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.